So who are the three partners of H2R Productions, also known as People Magazine’s 51st, 52nd and 93rd Most Beautiful People?  Let’s meet them in no particular order… (it’s actually in order):

Christian Horner

Stoic, charming, courageous are all adjectives that simply cannot be used to describe him.  He uses his Ivy League education, 10 years of IT management experience, and his love of scotch, to find a perfect balance between creativity and business affairs.    Christian lives in Los Feliz with his wife and two daughters, who are dangerously close to dating age.  Christian is excited about his new show idea “Stay the hell away from my daughters”.   

Adam Rosenblatt

Mark Harmon once told him he was “really good at his job.”  Was he talking about producing?  Let’s just assume he was.  Tall, dark, and handsome… when photographed from the left, at dusk, while standing on an apple box, he’s a Duke grad and somewhat of a “creative genius” according to himself.  Adam spends his time away from the office looking for any excuse to find the bottom of good magnum of wine.  He’s also the co-founder of Support the Cure, a charitable organization that raises money for various causes, and co-founder of a charter school in Silver Lake.  He lives in Echo Park with his two amazing daughters.

Jamie Rosenblatt

Jamie received an MFA from the American Conservatory Theater which has proved invaluable to the company.  Nothing sells a show like when it’s pitched in iambic pentameter. He’s also a Duke grad, and thanks to the classes he managed to attend he became a prolific writer, and no one is more shocked than he is when a script actually turns out “ok”.  Jamie resides in Silver Lake, CA with his lovely wife, who co-EP’d and created their son and daughter.  When Jamie is not texting, he’s getting business meetings through Facebook connections and helping run the parent side of a charter school he co-founded in Silver Lake.